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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Bees Funding Co. Ltd?

Bees Funding is a cooperation product between Commercial Banks (the Banks) – the Lender and Bees Funding Company Limited (the Company) – The supporter and guarantor for borrowers at the Banks.

2. What is Bees Funding’s operating model?

Bees Funding's operating model is an unsecured loan product of the Banks: After being guaranteed by the company, customers will be considered for lending by the Banks.

3. Which documents should I prepare to be guaranteed by Bees Funding?

- Identity card/passport, Household registration book, other legal documents.

- Certificate of business registration/certificate for eligibility of business operation (if any)

- Documents to prove business location of the customer: Leasing contract, photos

4. Who is guaranteed by Bees Funding?

- Be individual business households who are legally registered/or actually operating business activities in Vietnam

- Be individual borrowers who are the owners of the enterprises; one member limited companies who are legally registered and operating in Vietnam.

- Be micro and small enterprises who are legally registered and operating in Vietnam

5. Is there any fee to receive the company's products?

- Bees Funding is providing free guarantee service to borrowers.

6. The company's product packages?

- Bees Funding is the Banks' unsecured loan product with customers:

1. Individual customer: is a business household. Borrowing individual is the owner of a private enterprise, one member limited company ...

2. Enterprise customers: Micro and small enterprises are legally registered and operating in Vietnam

7. How much can I get a loan guarantee?

- Individual customers will be supported up to VND 300,000,000.

Enterprise customers will be supported up to VND 500,000,000

8. Where will I get loan disbursement?

- Your loan will be disbursed at the nearest Banks' branches to you.

9. Is my information confidential?

- We will only provide basic information with your consensus/permission.

10. How to contact if I want to get direct advice?

Please contact us:

- Ha Noi Hotline: 024 22 370 777

- Ho Chi Minh Hotline: 028 627 041 00

- Register at the website: https://beesfunding.vn

- Register by sending email to: info@beesfunding.vn



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